Reporting - Syndicate Research

Syndicate reports crafted and drafted by Riannov provides our clients with actionable business intelligence. Our reports offer detailed insights on major trends, technology, products, competition and opportunity in the market

  • Syndicate Reports
  • Customized Syndicate Reports

Market Research Services

Riannov specialize in market research for investment decisions and sensitization of product and service portfolio

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis
  • Market Landscaping
  • Market Monitoring
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Brand Health
  • Surveys & Feedback - B2B, B2C, B2G

Consulting Services

Our team offers exemplary consultancy services related to products and brands

  • New Product Planning
  • Brand Planning
  • Mature Brand Planning
  • Conference Coverage

Focus Areas

Pharmaceuticals       Biotechnology                     Medical Devices & Imaging Clinical Diagnostics       Healthcare IT                       Hospital Equipments


Client Views

High quality standards, data reliability and timely delivery of project - one of the best teams I have worked with !                          - CEO, a New Delhi Hospital

A knowledge bank in the industry  - VP, a Cancer Care Centre 

  • Investment Decisions
  • Business Intelligence & Growth
  • Precision & Quality Driven
  • Market Performance
  • Access to a world of Information
  • Hand-holding for Growth
  • Understanding Global & Local Geographies
  • Client-centric Research
  • Leadership through Product Portfolio
  • Market Trends & Future Opportunities

Riannov signifies a stream of innovation. Riannov help healthcare companies to make well-informed evidence based clinical or commercial decisions. Riannov amalgamate their unique technical, non-technical innovation methodologies in developing integrated solutions to corporates, academic institutions, hospitals, government and non-government organizations. We provide services in Syndicate Research Reporting, Market Research and Consulting. We are also into technology-based products in healthcare, focusing cancer and hygiene, and retail industry.