New Product Planning

  • Asset attractiveness assessment
  • Market opportunity mapping
  • Target Product Profiling (TPP)
  • Phase-III Investment Decision 
  • Early Stage & Clinical Development Support

Brand Planning

  • Pricing Strategy Development
  • Positioning & Messaging Strategy Development
  • Late Stage Product Life Cycle Management Support

Mature Brand Planning

  • Threat assessment for Generics & Biosimilars 
  • Biosimilars Connection & Strategy Support

Conference Coverage

  • Develop Playbook
  • Shortlisting Talks & Presentations


Today’s Healthcare industry is knowledge-driven and therefore Riannov’s methodology in serving our clients involves collection of careful and logical information fortified with exclusive smart analysis to produce high quality and actionable insights. As a result of such valuable insights, our clients are empowered with high-level, result-oriented strategic planning. Riannov syndicate reports supply clients with all the information quintessential to their business needs: Market Data – size and segmentation, Market Pulse and Market Growth - Trends and Forecasts. The extensive and high quality deliverables are achieved by our specialized team through a comprehensive and rigorous analysis by deploying Secondary and Primary Research Techniques, Insight Analytics, Evidence-based story building and Quality Control.

Secondary Research

Information is obtained from subscription-based and open-sourced standard databases by scanning, monitoring and extracting data through extensive research. Other sources include scientific and business world publications and posters, annual reports and investor meet presentations, policy makers – papers and sites, web and social media analysis. 

Primary Research

Conduct of 1-to-1 interviews with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) of the industry, the key stakeholders in our client’s business value chain. The obtained information and knowledge from such exclusive and extensive interactions not only validate the secondary research findings but also lead to elimination of any discrepancies and close the existing gaps where there are no or limited information available. 

Insight Analytics

Insight Analytics is the heart of the whole process as it has a huge impact on the strategy that the client will develop based upon the outcome of the synthesis. Upon processing the raw data obtained from reliable primary and secondary data sources, our technical expert team along with the commercial team rigorously analyse the findings. Further, to obtain business implications and understand the market impact, tech-commercial brainstorming activities are conducted. The conclusions & recommendations generated undergo a verification and validation process from the network of KOLs – to create an evidence-based story for actionable insights.

Reports & QC

Comprehensive analytic reports are crafted and drafted. Our reports are available in standard file formats - .doc(x), .pdf and .ppt(x). For tech-savvy clients, dashboard reporting is also facilitated.

Quality Control: Our reports undergo a series of quality checks to ensure best-in-class experiences to clients so as to provide a holistic view of solutions to their business. QC matrix accounts for checks in terms of grammar, ambiguity, inaccuracies, pictorial/graphical data representation and interpretation, file formats and compatibility, and overall aesthetics and cosmetics of the documents.


Consulting Services