Riannov Swachh Balika-Balak Hygiene Campaign (SBHC) 


The Swachh Balika-Balak Hygiene Campaign (SBHC) is a movement initiated by the Innovation Group at Riannov. SBHC aims at promoting hygiene among the younger generation so as to have a healthy India. Young girls and boys will be prepared for good hygiene practices and in particular, girls aged 9-14 years shall be educated to prepare them for menarche (first menstruation) beforehand. Since menstrual hygiene is a quintessential factor in reduction of RTIs (Reproductive Tract Infections), focusing on it to educate the young girls shall lay a foundation for a disease-free and healthy future.

Rationale: In India, menstruation is a silenced topic with parents and teachers being not so comfortable talking about it. There are 6.3 cr girls in the age group 9–14 years (menarche age). About 45% girls do not receive any information about menstruation before menarche and up to 70% girls do not receive any information regarding the link between menstruation and fertility. Due to inadequacy of knowledge, compounded with cultural myths, girls during menstruation – live in fear and under restrictions, follow unhygienic practices, often get infected with diseases and some even drop out of school. This has led to a negative attitude among girls. Therefore, there is an urgent need for preparing girls for menarche (and menstruation) with regard to menstrual hygiene and providing an accessibility to a range of menstrual products so as to enable girls to try them beforehand and select the one suiting her and hence gain confidence in using the products during menstruation.

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